Performers & Buskers


If you have a talent and would like busk at the Beechworth Celtic Festial please submit the Perfomer Application attached via email with links or to PO Box 318 Beechworth VIC 3747 along with CD/s, Demos and/or supporting material.

Celtic Crew Volunteer

Join our merry 'Celtic Support Crew' and help the Beechworth Celtic Festival to be a great success with dance, music, drama, myth, mayhem and all things Celtic in Beechworth.

Our 'Celtic Support Crew' volunteer their time in return for a free adult pass or discounted access to our festival. Our committee would like to hear from you if you think you have the necessary people skills & you'd like to be part of our Celtic Crew?

Activities will include setting up venues in the week prior and dismantling in the days after, acting as ushers and door attendants at venues and selling tickets if they are not sold out prior to the weekend. 

You need to be reliable, punctual and able to work. Previous volunteer experience at other festivals would be a great advantage.

Accommodation Billets

The Committee is seeking accommodation offers from businesses and residents for free or at low cost to accommodate performers to assist the Committee in keeping production costs to a minimum. If you can assist please complete the attached form and submit it to the Committee.

Street Market Stallholders

Application for Celtic themed Goods and Food Vendors both Celtic and Non Celtic to be located in the town center.

This year we will be bringing back some markets to the centre of town. We will be allocating spots for Celtic themed goods and market stall holders but also we are looking for food vendors to create a food court, these stall holders can be Celtic or non celtic but we will be looking for a balance.

Standard Rotary Market

The Markets, whilst specialising in homemade, crafted, baked or grown goods have been opened up to a wider range of product including good quality bric-a-brac and small line, non-mass produced commercial items admitted at the organisers discretion.

Specific Celtic Goods Market

The Celtic Market is limited to Celtic specific craft, food, clothing and accessories, art and artifacts and family history. Please provide an example of your goods or services that you will be offering.